Who am I?  Well, I’m in the process of figuring that out.  You see, I’m a young lady trying to decide my future and I’ve decided I need a topic to focus on in my spare time.  Although surfing the internet is fun, all I get at the end of the day are a few facts about random subjects.  On one of my times of boredom, probably waiting in line or walking somewhere, I realized most people I talk to have at least one subject that they know a lot about.  I really don’t have and it got me thinking.  What could be my focus, what was fascinating enough to me that I could easily read about it for hours on end?  The answer was rather simple when I thought about my youth.  I used to have so much fun getting dressed up a few times a year in Civil War outfits and going to pretend I was in that time for a day or two.  I have quite a few memories of things I did in my thick dresses and heavy skirts, possibly clearer memories of reenacting than of things like school from the same time frame in my life.  I used to love answering questions people asked me about the Civil War but I really haven’t done any research or studying of this huge topic in years.  I rather miss those days and decided that would be my focus and starting this blog would force me to learn one new thing about the soldiers lives and battles each week.  So, with a little information about the internet and a focus to my time, I’ll get to learn a lot of new things and maybe even make a little money along the way recommending great things I come across.  I hope you join me on my journey and learn a some new things along with me.