American Civil War Blog

Why Should You Join Me?

The American Civil War is an interesting topic and I am a girl, really a young lady now I suppose, with a thirst for knowledge. I grew up reenacting the American Civil War, mostly from a Union perspective though my parents preferred the Confederate perspective. I’ve always loved the clothes, the toys, the cooking, and the ambiance of the era. It was a much simpler time back then and families tended to be closer to each other out of necessity. Granted, I may be saying this because at the end of the day pretending to be in the early 1860’s I could get in my car and drive back to my air-conditioned house and microwave a delicious dinner to eat in front of my favorite television show. I loved being able to spend time in both eras every once in a while.

When I started thinking about my future and who I want to be, I realized I really don’t have a specialty. I know a little about a lot of things like writing fiction and history and reenacting and other things I’ve enjoyed over the years, I don’t know a lot about one topic.

As I thought back over the years and the different things I’ve enjoyed, I decided it was time to focus on researching the American Civil War. My childhood memories of weekends at the fort and a reenactment of a battle were great memories for me and I know the American Civil War is something I had the passion to enjoy studying. It’s been a while since I put on my hoopskirt, bonnet, and all the things that went between, but the fashions, battles, and everything about the era still fascinate me.

However, I know myself and I seem to procrastinate. The next question I asked myself was how could I motivate myself to actually start the research into a project I love. As much as I know it will be fun to research the American Civil War, I also know how easy it is to get distracted by FaceBook and YouTube or television. That is why I’m starting this weekly blog. Each week as I go through information on the American Civil War I’ll jot down things I didn’t know before and pick one new thing to research and blog about to all of you. This first blog I’ll focus on things a soldier may know and I hope to start on things a wife or daughter may write to their soldier about by the beginning of the year.

Come on, you’re all invited to learn about the Great War Between the States with me. Join me on my journey through history; you never know what you may learn.